Our In-house Lab has been approved by the UDT (Technical Supervision Office) for execution of destructive and non-destructive tests.

Thanks to 40-year long tradition, highly qualified specialists, modern laboratory equipment and competitive prices our Lab enjoys well-earned reputation among offices specialising in similar business.

The Lab’s personnel holds 2nd degree certificates as per EN 473 granted by TÜV Rheinland. The Lab conducts both internally required tests as well tests ordered by independent customers.

The scope of tests on our offer includes:

non destructive testing,

  • radiographic inspections,
  • X-ray,
  • isotopic using sources Se 75, Ir 192
  • ultrasonic testing,
  • magnetic particle inspections,
  • liquid penetrant inspections,
  • leak tightness,
  • visual inspections,
  • tests on hooks,
  • ultrasonic thickness measurements.

destructive testing,

  • materials mechanical properties and plasticity tests,
  • static tensile test in room temperature,
  • impact tests in lower and room temperatures,
  • static transverse bend test,
  • hardness tests performed in-house and on site
  • metalographic tests,
  • macroscopic tests.

paint coating inspections

inspection of measuring instruments

  • slide callipers,
  • micrometric measuring instruments,
  • mason’s levels,
  • steel angles up to 750 mm,
  • weld gauges,
  • 10 m rules.

All kinds of inspections are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements set forth by standards as well as both domestic and foreign regulations in force.

Non destructive tests are performed in Lab and on site.