Welding supervision is carried out by qualified Welding Engineers. High quality of welded joints is achieved by:

high qualifications of our welding personnel

  • 130 workers hold the following qualifications: 135PBW3.2St12PF/PCssnb and 135PFW3.2St12PDml as per DIN EN 287-1,
  • our welders are trained at our in-house welding centre which has suitable qualifications,

utilisation of appropriate welding techniques confirmed by the certificates of

  • Grosser Eignungsachweis welding qualifications as per DIN 18800-7 issued by SLV Halle for welding of S355, S690 and S960 steels,
  • welding qualifications as per EN ISO 3834-2 issued by DVS ZERT for welding of steel construction, machinery construction, cranes and rail vehicles,
  • qualifications for manufacture of welded fabrications used for shipbuilding and erection of drilling platforms issued by DNV,

inspections of welding equipment

  • as per Quality Management System procedure complying with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

According to the acquired certificates the company is approved for the following WPQR’s.